Workout Your Whole Body In Just 3 Minutes!

If you’re stretched for time but you really want to get a workout in that counts, this could be the one for you! This quick workout works all the major muscle groups and even gets a bit of cardio in too. You can do as many reps as you have time for, whether you want to integrate it into your existing workout or make a new one around it!

To start ensure that you’ve warmed up – you do not want to pull any muscles and be out of the game for a few days! Do a few jumping jacks or run on the spot for about two minutes.

This workout targets your arms, abs and legs! You’re starting with Double Pulse Sumo Squats – almost the very same as your regular squat but you’re pulsing on the dip. Remember when you are squatting to keep your back straight and that your knees extend outwards. Only squat as far as your level allows you to, do not over do it or you may cause damage to muscles in your back and legs. Repeat this 10 times!

Always remember that when you are doing exercises like this, your knees should never extend past your toes – this puts strain on your knees especially so do be very aware of this.

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Next is Burpees – put yourself into the typical push up stance. Your legs should be extended fully behind you with your weight spread evenly between the balls of your feet and the palms of your hands. Jump into a crouching position with your feet remaining shoulder width apart. Again jump to a normal standing position with your arms raised above your head. Return to your starting position and repeat. This should be done in a fluid motion, 10 times.

If you set a timer to 3 minutes you should get the full benefit of these two simple workouts! But as we said earlier, do it twice, or even three times and you’ll be surprised how quickly these moves become second nature to you! These exercises are aimed at not only strengthening your targeted muscles,but also in toning them. And remember, the more muscle you build, the less fat you will have on your body.