Where You Need To Eat In San Francisco!

If you’re visiting San Francisco, you’ll be inundated with dining options – they cater to every diet and preference you can even imagine so we’ve compiled some of the best places to eat – from breakfast through to dinner!

For breakfast you should start out in the Mission District. A short tram ride from downtown San Fran, there are so many up and coming restaurants here but Craftsman and Wolves is the best place whether you prefer sweet or savory for your first meal of the day! The pastry chef makes the most amazing croissants that are glazed with passion fruit or sprinkled with sesame seeds. If you fancy hanging out til lunch time, the pork rilettes and the pickled cauliflower are a must-try!

For lunch you can also stay around Mission and pay a visit to St Vincent. They have an extensive wine list which is surprisingly cheap for the quality of wines you’ll find on it! The crab soup paired with a chardonnay will see you do exceptionally well! Don’t worry about reservations, there are large communal tables where you can seat yourself! Remember though, it’s closed on Sundays!

For dinner, if you can manage the distance, Outerlands in Ocean Beach is where you need to get dinner! There is a rustic, indie vibe that will make you want to stay for as long as possible, and the food? absolutely delicious! They provide rib sticking, soulful food that will remind you of home cooking done to perfection! The trout dish here, is amazing!

Enjoy all that San Francisco has to offer and make the most of the food you have access to!

Photo by: Thinkstock/ JudsonAbts Christophe+Testi