What Fashion Designers In 1939 Thought We Would Be Wearing Today

What Fashion Designers in 1939 Thought we would be Wearing Today -2 (Copy)

Thanks to a video by British Pathe, we can see what American fashion designers of 1939 predicted would be popular fashion trends today. While the video is not intentionally laugh-out-loud funny, we definitely had a few giggles here in our office.

First we are introduced to Eve in the year “2000 AD”. She is wearing a dress that can be adapted from a casual morning look, all the way through to sultry evening wear, and: “it’s the sleeves what does it!”

Another model is wearing a dress composed of transparent net to “catch the males”, and catch them we’re sure she did. The designers assumed that skirts would disappear entirely (wrong), and shoes would have cantilever heels (true – thanks in large part to Lady Gaga).

You’ll see brides in wedding dresses made of glass, gowns made entirely of aluminum, and “an electric headlight to help [the model] find an honest man.” And what will the men of post-Millennium be equipped with? Click the video link below to see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Afterthought: I seriously wish we had those electric belts to help our bodies adapt to climactic changes…maybe in a few more years?

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