Tighten Your Thighs With The Super Criss-Cross Scissors Exercise

Founder of Blogialates and the POP pilates Program Cassey Ho explains how the criss-cross scissors exercise can tighten up your inner and outer thighs.

Starting off by sitting up straight with your toes pointing forward, your arms straight out and tucking your chin in, you slowly lie back down with control, using your core to keep you stable.

Then in order to get into the correct position for the exercise and focus the energy on the thigh muscles, you make your hands into a triangle and place it under your tailbone with your feet flat on the mat and knees up. This way you can press your lower back into the mat — there should be no space between your lower back and the mat at all.


Source: Time Inc: Health

Then once in the right position, lift your legs up to the sky, sucking your belly button in, bring your legs out as wide as you can and cross them in the center.

Keep repeating the move so your legs are doing a criss-cross motion. If you’re feeling any pressure or weirdness in your hip flexers or back, just remember to suck your belly button in and press your lower back into the mat. Feel the burn and enjoy!