This Baby Elephant Walks Up To This Girl. What He Does Next … I Can’t Even

Source: YouTube/amystan

If you were hoping to see something that would bring some sunshine into your day, this baby elephant is guaranteed to do that.

This adorable little Indian elephant is captured on camera trying in vain to find this girl’s trunk, but, much to the baby’s utter confusion, the girl doesn’t have one.


Source: YouTube/amystan

The young elephant keeps grabbing at the girl’s face with his own trunk, recognizing that a trunk should be right around where her nose is, but the little guy is not getting anywhere, much to the delight of everyone who gets to watch this insanely cute interaction.

You might be wondering why he’s trying so desperately to find her trunk.


Source: YouTube/amystan

An elephant’s trunk is one of the most vital tools they use in social behavior. When a baby elephant is just new and entering the world, a mother will wrap her trunk around her baby to protect it. Then as they grow older, elephants use their trunks to touch, explore their environment, touch each other, and embrace.

This video captures the beauty of human to animal interaction in such ridiculously cute way that it’s impossible not be grinning from ear to ear after watching it. Enjoy.