The Simplest Guide To Contouring Yet!

We’ve seen the videos, we’ve followed the instructions, and we’ve tried with all our might to figure out how to make our version of contouring not look like crazy white lines across our faces. It never works though! The thing is, the tutorials you’ve watched are not even close to being this clear and easy!

To contour, you need a few different brushes – most of these can be found in your average brush set – a beauty blender, a blending brush, a bronzer brush, and a skinnier brush for highlighting. By using different brushes for each step, you get the blend that you’ve been missing out on, and you can keep your products separate, giving you a cleaner definition.

Makeup Tricks for a Picture-Perfect Face -Choosing the Right Foundation (Copy)

Source: Shutterstock/Valua Vitaly

The products that you will need, you will probably already have in your make up bag. You will need a concealer, a bronzer, a highlighter, and a cream or power based contouring tool. The brand of these products all depends on your budget, and sometimes the cheaper brands are just as good as the more expensive ones. The important thing to remember is to match your products to your skin tone. Go to any beauty counter and the sales assistants will be more than happy to help you figure out which shades are good for you!

If you remember that make up is meant to enhance how you look rather than change it, you’re already on the right track! While contouring gives you a more defined look, it should always follow your natural bone structure. Learn the structure of your face rather than copying exactly what the tutor shows you and you’re pretty much set!

Happy contouring!