Tesla Reveals Amazing Battery That Can Power Your Home

How Would a Tesla Home Battery Work?

                                                              Source: BBC World News

  If crazy end of the summer storms and sudden power outages has got you worried about how much we rely on electricity, your mind might be put at ease when you find out what Tesla Motors has just revealed.

It’s a groundbreaking new way to power your home – by battery.

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, unveiled the battery — called Powerwall — in a message April 30 at a convention center in Hawthorne, California run entirely on renewable battery power.

Musk said it’s going to change the “entire energy infrastructure of the world.”

What? Is this possible? Let me tell you more. Apparently, the battery unit itself has the same batteries that are inside the Tesla electric cars.  The 7kWh unit will go for a cool three grand, while the larger 10kWh unit will ship for $3,500.

They would mount on the wall and look like this:


Source: minds.com

Now for how they get electricity. The batteries will store power from the grid or naturally, from solar and wind generators on site. If the grid goes down, they will continue to power your home til the end of time – a feature that is incredibly ideal for countries that are skipping out on power grids entirely.

Musk said it’s similar to how those developing nations “leap-frogged” landlines, and just went straight to cell phones. When can you get this insanely cool home-powering batteries? They actually began shipping over the summer of this year (2015). Soon, my friends. Soon!