Spring’s Ultimate Make Up Look

As we slowly but surely emerge into Spring time, our wardrobe and make up looks tend to freshen up. As opposed to the dark colors and matte look of Winter, Spring brings a much more colorful and dewier look!

Starting with the eyes, keep your eye liner strong but simple. Try to give your eye a straight line, only curving at the corner of your eye. This can both enlarge your eye and thicken your lash line. With your mascara, ensure you layer up at the roots to thicken your lashes again!

With your blush, keep the color peachy, or the lightest orange/ pink that suits you skin tone, though peach tends to be pretty good on most tones. Blend your blush on you cheek bone and if you are so incline, even add a little bit of highlighter over it to increase the dewy look that you are trying to achieve.

spring make up (Copy)

Source: Pinterest

While you don’t want to look shiny, you don’t want a matte look either. Use some loose powder on your t-zone but leave your cheeks without. Add some highlighter to the tip of your nose, your temples and a little just above your eyebrows but don’t over do it!

Last but not least, choose a strong, bold lipstick! Depending on your skin tone again, some colors may be better suited to you. A strong red is generally good on everyone but pink is great for this look so if you can find a bright pink that you like, try this one! Remember, this look is to emulate the oncoming Springtime season so keep it bright and colorful!

To finish your look, find a make up hold – like hairspray but for your make up. This will help keep your highlighter looking fresh and dewy all day long!