How To Stay Motivated For Your Workout

Sometimes when we set fitness goals for ourselves we might find it hard to follow through. This is totally normal and unfortunately all too common but what are the ways that we can counteract this? There are a few things we can do to motivate ourselves and the most important one is to reward ourselves for our efforts! Take a look at the ways to push yourself to achieve your goals!

Once you decide that you are going to go for something, whether it be a marathon, a fun-run, or just a personal challenge you’re setting for yourself, you should write it down. Or better yet, tell a friend or your partner. Once you do this, you are taking accountability and once you take accountability, it is much harder to not go through with it. A great tip is to try and raise money for a charity of your choice to complete your goal – it’s money going to a great cause and it means that you can’t let them down!

The next tip is to write it in your diary or on a calendar with reminders of how soon your goal is. If you had a date or a meeting, you would take a note of it and possibly remind yourself to be prepared for it so why should this be any different? It shouldn’t!

And last but not least, allow yourself a reward once you’ve achieved your goal. If for example you have a sweet tooth, you can promise yourself a trip to your favorite ice cream doughnut shop! Or if you prefer something else, every time you push yourself towards your goal deposit some money into a jar or a savings account and treat yourself to a trip away or a new piece of jewelry, you deserve it!

If you take care of yourself and increase your fitness levels you will be rewarded with good health too so either way, you win! Remember that regular exercise helps your brain to produce serotonin and this in turn helps to lift your mood so as well as being healthier, you’ll be happier! Happy exercising, and more importantly, happy rewarding!

Photo by: Thinkstock/ Dirima