How To Make That Cruise More Affordable!

If you’ve been eyeing up cruises for what seems like forever, but just can’t seem to afford one, we’ve got some great insider tips for you to help you make your dream a reality! With these tips, you not only get to save money but you can potentially see so many beautiful places at a much more relaxing pace!

So with cruises, it’s all about your timing. If you can book in advance, you will do so much better. In fact, up to 20% off the regular price better! About a year before you’re travel date is the cheapest time to book and means that even if you want to take out a small loan to pay for it, you can have it paid back before you even go! If you want to pay for it upfront and get it over with, it still gives you a year to save money towards adventures wherever the cruise takes you!

If you book to travel during the off-peak season, not only do you save on your fares, you will be more likely to get the time off work that you need! The off-peak seasons are as follows:

European River and Mediterranean Cruises – April and October

Alaska – September and May

Antarctica – November

Caribbean – Before and after the holidays – the start of d=December or the middle of January

When you are booking your cruise, be aware of where the departure port is, if you need to fly to get there you will have to add that into your overall price – some ports are cheaper to travel to also so that is worth checking out!

You should check out the itinerary of your preferred cruise and figure out which destinations suit your budget! This too will save you on the money you spend while on the cruise!

Photo by: Thinkstock/ Rawpixel Ltd