How To Get Glamorous Structured Waves

You’ve seen that look on the red carpet and other fancy places that celebrities frequent — hair that has perfect, glamorous structured waves. But how do they do it? It seems to be one of those looks that would be nearly impossible to achieve without a 50-member hairstyling team right? I don’t know about you, but mine’s only about 20, so I’d bet I’d have to toss that look out the window. But wait — Hairstylist Harry Josh is here to save us as he takes us on a simple tutorial on how to do it easy peezy! Check it out:

1. First, divide your hair into quarters by clipping it back into sections. If you have lots of layers it’s trickier, but not impossible!

2. Then you’re going to take one of the one-inch sections of hair and wrap it around a one-inch hair iron. Wrap the hair up and hold it for about 3 seconds (but this varies depending on your hair texture). Longer for straight hair!


Source: Time Inc: InStyle

3. Mock the exact same hair wrapping with the iron to the next section of hair to create the same wave pattern.

4. Like Groundhog Day, you’re going to be repeating the exact same technique to each section of hair so it follows the same wave pattern over and over again.

5. Once you’ve done about a quarter of your head, it’s a good idea to brush your hair and use a finishing spray. Make sure to use one that’s lightweight so that you can easily re-work the hair if you need to!

Source: Time Inc: InStyle

6. After brushing your hair with the spray, use small clips to clip the waves into place which are crucial in holding the hair in style. Then you can continue to repeat the wave pattern to the rest of your hair.

7. Finish off the look with hairspray again which you can spray directly onto your brush. Then lightly brush your hair down from your part to set the look. And voila! Glamorous structured waves — beautiful.