How To Avoid That After Work Out Pain!

We all know that feeling, we’ve decided to finally get in shape and get healthy. We join a gym, get the gear to drive ourselves and motivate ourselves to work out, no matter how tired we are. Then, two days later, the pain sets in. We find it hard to walk up the stairs, or move as fluently as we would like!

This can be totally off putting to our health kicks right? Well there are things you can do to reduce this pain or alleviate it altogether! They are pretty basic too so you don’t even need to add much effort to your already tough work out!

woman runner warm up outdoor

Source: Thinkstock/ lzf

The first and most important thing is to always remember to warm up before and cool down after a work out. You need to prepare your muscles for what is ahead and you need to console them afterwards! You can find tutorials online or in most gyms, there will be trainers on hand to show you the best way to stretch before and after your session.

The second most important is to train different areas every day. If you are experiencing pain in your legs, it is your body’s way of telling you that you need to give your legs a break! Train your arms instead and let you leg muscles recover. You’ll notice the benefits to changing up your work out every day too – it keeps things from getting too boring!

Lastly, listen to your body. If you’ve over done it and you need to take a few days break, do! There’s no crime in that. You should only work out to the level that you are physically able for. With practice, you will find that you are more and more able to complete higher intensity work outs without experiencing pain after!