Healthy Fried Chicken For Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl Sunday is approaching and you’re probably getting your last few details organized for the big day. So what’s the best thing to serve your guests? Fried chicken – Sous Vide style! This is basically boil in the bag, if you haven’t heard of it before.

This recipe is super easy and quick, and it’s lower in fat than regular fried chicken so you don’t need to feel guilty!

We’re going to use both light and dark chicken meat for this so nothing goes to waste. Pop your dark meat in one bag, and your light in another – the dark will take about 3 hours to cook through so your light meat can wait a bit longer.

In the bags, add some salt – this will absorb into the chicken as it’s cooking! The bags should be in a boiling pot and while it’s cooking you can move onto the breading.

fried chicken

Source: ifood

In a bowl mix some high protein flour, if you want your breading to be crispy, then high protein flour is much more favorable. Add in some salt, some onion powder, garlic powder, and paprika and mix it all together.

Once your chicken is fully cooked, slice it into thin strips and dip it into the flour mix, and then into some butter milk. Drop it into the deep fryer and leave it for about 3 minutes. Once it’s dark and golden you can take it out. And voila, it’s ready to eat! Serve with slaw or some potatoes, or even on its own – you know it’s going to be eaten regardless!

The great thing about the sous vide method is that you know it’s cooked before going in the fryer, so you’re only soaking it in grease for a fraction of the usual time it takes with the traditional method!