Have A Long Weekend Away Planned? Here’s How To Pack!

If you have a long weekend away planned, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you pack! The first thing is getting together a list of what you need – clothes for each day and night away, toiletries, chargers, shoes etc. Once you have these things rounded up, the process is actually pretty easy – and you can limit yourself to one bag!

First put your shoes in shoe bags and place them at the bottom of the bag. By putting each pair in their own bag you’re avoiding any spoilage of clothes put on top and you’re protecting the shoes too!

Anything you’re bringing that doesn’t wrinkle, roll up and place over and around your shoes – that can include jeans, and anything in a heavier material.

Anything that does wrinkle, fold them carefully along the seams (blouses, chiffon materials etc) and place these on top. Try to make sure that there is a bit of space around them so they do not get squished once you close the bag.

Finally, any underwear or chargers or accessories you have, slide these into the nooks and crannies left in your bag. Place your toiletry bag on top – ensure it is fully zipped, you don’t want anything accidentally spilling out on your clothes!

And that’s it! You’re all pack so get on your way and enjoy your long weekend without the stress of packing!