Get The Perfect Bun Without The Pain!

If your job or your everyday tasks require you to keep your hair off of your face you need to know how to style your hair comfortably! Most of the time, if your hair is too tight, or up for too long, you can suffer from headaches, and sometimes ever hair loss!

So, before you put your hair into your everyday bun what you need to do is, lightly massage your scalp! This not only helps to relieve any existing stress but it also stimulates hair growth! Be sure to have clean hands though, you don’t want to dirty your hair.



Grab a texture spray – you can get one in a drug store, though be careful, sometimes the cheaper sprays can have chemicals added that can damage your hair! Even a home made salt spray will do the trick if you don’t like to add any extras to your hair. The point of the spray is to help keep your hair in position, it helps to hold your style together.

Next, twist your hair into a bun at a height on your head that suits you. Grab some bobby pins and slide one into the bottom of your bun and one into the top. If you want to secure it more just slide one in at each side and you should be good to go! The reason we don’t suggest hair ties is because they can cause tension in the area they are holding and cause breakage of your hair so it’s best to stick to bobby pins!

There you have it, an easy hairstyle that meets the requirements of your job and doesn’t involve the pain! It’s as simple as that!