Foods To Boost Your Mood!

Sometimes when we are down, we turn to bad foods to make us feel better but we’re actually doing more harm than good. If you know what your body needs to be happy, then you know which foods can give you those nutrients! So we’ve put together a list of certain foods that are scientifically proven to help alleviate bad moods and help to make you happy – in the short and the long term! Take a look at the super foods to help make you happy!


These include peas, beans, peanuts, and alfalfa. They produce all day energy because they are high in magnesium and they help to keep you not only full but energized throughout the day. Try having peanut butter on toast for breakfast or hummus with carrot sticks as your morning snack!


Walnuts are considered a super food. They are a great source of serotonin – a chemical which tells your brain to be happy! They are also high in fiber and in protein! Try having a handful with your morning snack but remember that their calorie content is pretty high – but they are good calories!


If you ever needed an excuse to fill up on coffee, here it is! The caffeine in coffee perks you up and having 2 cups every day can help to cut the rick of depression! Now where’s the nearest cafe?!


Believe it or not, there are some fats that are actually good for you, and necessary for your mental health! Omega-3 is found in fatty fish such as salmon and tuna and also in avocado. It can help prevent mood disorders as well as help to prolong your concentration levels! Try a tuna salad for lunch to help you beat the afternoon slump!


This spice does so much more than just flavor your food! It has curcumin in it which has natural anti-depressant qualities! As well as this, it can work as an anti-inflammatory and can reduce the risk of several types of cancer! Add some to your curry or to squash and you’ll notice the difference in the taste as well as your mood!

Spinach Salad

Dark greens have forever been linked with a healthy gut but they are now also connected to your mood! Spinach contains folate – a b vitamin which helps give energy and ward off bad moods! The B vitamin group is the hardest to add to your diet as pretty much everything destroys it. If you eat fresh, raw spinach though you can make full use of folate! Eat it in a salad or even add it to your stir fry or pasta dishes as a garnish – delicious!


Tryptophan which is found naturally in poultry and in eggs has been proven to help produce serotonin – this chemical sends signals to your brain to be happy! Have a chicken salad or roast chicken for dinner and you’ll go to bed happy!