Fall Weddings 2016: See The Trends

If You’re getting married in Fall 2016 and you need some dress inspiration, Spanish style dresses are what you need to look at. It has become one of the best selling styles for brides of 2016 and the great thing is that you can be in with the trend but customize your dress to be as unique as you are.

An elongated lace bodice is where you need to start – lace is a fundamental material in Spanish style clothing. It is delicate yet striking and makes for some of the most beautifully intricate dresses you will ever see! The neck line and sleeve length are certainly a personal choice but certainly, it should be simple and elegant. The lace should speak for itself without too much other detailing in the design.

spanish style wedding dress (Copy)

Source: Pinterest

While some dresses push the limits with total sheerness or sheer panels, for most brides, this look is too daring and inappropriate. With a simple white layer underneath the lace, you can achieve just as beautiful a finish. Remember that you can bring this trend into the back of you bodice if you are comfortable with it. A backless gown can be purely elegant if it is finished in the right way.

With the skirt, generally a floor length hem is the best, however, again this can be customized to suit your preference. Layered skirts with a ‘ruffle effect’ are one of the most popular looks, a more flared skirt can be exceptionally flattering if you want to emphasize your waist while a fishtail effect can be balancing for those with broader shoulders or bigger chests.

If you are getting your dress custom made, you can really bring to the forefront your expectation for how your figure will look in your dress but remember, even if you are on a budget, there are so many ready made dresses out there that adhere to the trends of the year that you can certainly find your perfect dress online or in stores too.