Explore Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula

  Costa Rica is world-renown for being an incredibly diverse nation rich with natural splendors that make it a wonderful place to explore. With its active volcanoes, long stretches of coastline and lush forests,  Costa Rica is a country that pretty much caters to the kid inside all of us and is basically one big giant playground.

But there is one part of Costa Rica that most people don’t know about — it’s called the Osa Peninsula. It juts out of the Pacific ocean just north of Panama. In the late 1980s, it used to prime for gold mining and there are even a few people who still pan the rivers, searching for nuggets!

One of the most incredible places in the Osa is the Parque Nacional Corcovado — “the most ecologically intense place on earth” — it’s absolutely stunning. In the video, Andrew McCarthy discusses the wildlife and nature one can come across in the park — from boa constrictors to massive trees to wild bananas you can eat for lunch!