A 6 Foot Man Inside A Giant Water Balloon Exploding Is The Coolest Thing Ever

Source: YouTube/The Slo Mo Guys

A 6 foot man squeezes into a giant water balloon while the balloon is slowly filled with water. Why on earth would anyone do this you ask?

giant-water-balloon-1 (Copy)

Source: YouTube/The Slo Mo Guys

If you’ve ever taken a photography class, one of the lessons they teach you as a beginner is this:

Someone  stands holding a water balloon and the pierces it, thus creating the perfect opportunity to create an amazing picture.

The budding photographer then has to release the shutter button exactly when the balloon is pierced to perfect the timing of the shot. Challenging? Extremely? Super wicked? Definitely.

giant-water-balloon-2 (Copy)

Source: YouTube/The Slo Mo Guys

But this video of a 6 foot man in a 6 foot water balloon takes that mini photo lesson to a whole other level of extreme awesomeness.

The Slow Mo Guys, a popular YouTube channel which has more than 5.602,246 subscribers,  made this video to see how the 6 foot balloon would look exploding around the guy in a little pool in spectacular slow motion.

As expected, it turned out to be quite amazing!