A 5 Minute Full Body Work Out – No Gym Required!

While the weather is beginning to improve as Winter leaves us be for another year, you might find that bringing your workout outside is a great way to shake things up! You don’t need to be in a gym every day to get in a great workout!

We’ve found a workout that takes only 5 minutes and works your entire body! All you really need for this is a resistance band which you can pick up for pretty cheap almost anywhere!

Start with a warm up, never forget to prepare your muscles for the oncoming workout – you’ll regret it! Just jog on the spot or around the park for 5 minutes or so, get your heart rate up and your blood pumping!

Grab your resistance band and wrap it around a bench or a tree, or anything else that won’t come toppling over on you! When you use a resistance band your adding weight to your workout. While it might not feel like that, you’ll notice the difference it makes!

Our first exercise is the squat. This will work your glutes, hamstrings, and quads in your legs as well as working your biceps, triceps and back! Treat this like a regular squat, aiming to be parallel with the ground, your knees never extending past your toes. Remember to engage your core to help strengthen it at the same time. Do 15 reps of this, holding your last one.

Next, turn to face away from the object you’ve wrapped your resistance band around and hold it at chest level. Push your arms out directly in front of you – they should remain at chest level for the entirety of the exercise. Push out 15 times remembering to engage the muscles you are working out. This should work your arms, chest and back!

And finally, using your resistance band as a balance, step up on the bench and back down to the ground. Do 15 reps on each leg, keeping your concentration on the leg that is pulling you up.

You can do this sequence over again if you feel up to it!