57 Year Old Man Goes Nuts on First Flight Experience

My daddy’s first time on a plane & I managed to catch a video of “The Take Off”……it was too good not to share : ) ✈️

Posted by Michelle Carville on Thursday, 16 July 2015

While flying in an airplane is not a big deal these days, a few good old seniors’ inexperience in the mode of transportation has gotten the better of them.  In a video shared on Facebook recently, Michelle Carville shared her dad’s reaction on his first flight.

Fifty-seven-year old Patsy is seen laughing, swearing and then breaking into tears on his first flight. Though the young generation might not relate to the old guy’s exaggerated emotions, it certainly struck some kind of a chord with many, as the video has gone a bit viral, generating close to 100,000 views. 

“Oh my god… Sh**t!” Patsy can be heard saying as well as other colorful language, much to the delight of his daughter.

The flight was from Dublin to Liverpool, and Patsy’s reactions were  recorded during take off.

We hope he really enjoyed his first flight, but it would also be great if Michelle posted his reactions when they landed.  His daughter cried ,too (tears of joy, they say)!