5 Tips To Improve Your Airport Experience

Life in the airport is stressful! But we’ve found some ways for you to ease that stress and make your time at the airport a breeze! Follow these 5 travel hacks and you’ll be happy to be in the airport!

1. Move to the left!
The majority of travelers are right handed and will automatically move to the right. If you want to get through security faster, move to your left! The line is typically going to be shorter and you’ll move through with much less hassle!

2. Don’t pay for your water
If you need to get a bottle of water in the airport, you’re going to be paying an arm and a leg – they know they can over charge so they will! Bring an empty plastic bottle with you (if it’s empty there’s no problem bringing it through security) and use the water fountains to fill it. Cold water for free!

3. Screenshot!
You can almost be guaranteed that once it’s your turn to produce your boarding pass, your airline app will freeze or your data will run out and you’re stuck! But, if you screenshot your ticket you don’t need to worry about internet at all! You can scan your ticket from your photo gallery and it’s all good!

4. Bring your own electricity
People in airports can be very possessive of their space and that includes the power outlet in that space so you can be certain that most people won’t share! If you bring a power lead with you, you can extend not only your power outlet but you could also make some friends!

5. Download Gate Guru
This app can tell you everything you could possibly need to know about your airport, including where is best to eat. It gives you info on your flight and your gate – if there are any coffee stands near by so you don’t walk all the way there to find it’s a caffeine free zone! It will become your new airport best friend!

Enjoy your travels and remember to follow these hacks to keep your experience as stress free as possible!