5 Health Benefits Of Sweet Potatoes

If you thought that sweet potatoes were just an obligatory food you had to eat during Thanksgiving and Christmas, now you can at least reap the benefits from the root veggie, and perhaps even make them a part of your regular diet, too! This video outlines five health benefits of sweet potatoes:

1. They’re good for your eyes

Sweet potatoes are full of beta-carotene, which is also the substance found in carrots and pumpkins as well. Studies have shown that it can help prevent and slow the progression of age-related cataracts. We all want healthy eyes — especially as we get older!

2. They’re good for your heart

Another organ we’d like to keep healthy is the heart and sweet potatoes are just the ticket to keep that organ strong. The veggies are rich in magnesium, which is essential in the production of energy from food.

3. They might help reduce stress

Sweet potatoes are not simple — in fact they’re a complex carb, which mean they trigger the brain to make the feel-good chemical seratonin. They also take longer to digest, so the body can have a steady supply of the happy buzz.

4. They could help you lose weight

Another supplement that sweet potatoes are packed full of is fiber. Dietary fiber can help you shed some pounds as it lowers cholesterol levels. Fiber-rich foods also tend to fill you up more than low-fiber foods, so you’re more inclined to eat less and stay satisfied longer. They also have fewer calories for the same amount of food — a win-win!

5. They give you energy

Again, because of the fact that sweet potatoes are a complex carb, the purple veggies give you energy that lasts a while. It’s extra beneficial because, unlike with sugar and caffeine, the energy that you take in doesn’t give you that crash, so you’ll have energy all day.

A great way to enjoy sweet potatoes is to add them to a mixture of vegetables that you can roast with garlic, olive oil and fresh herbs and spices.