5 Foods Rich In Vitamin D

Three highly important things to look after as we start to get older are healthy bones, keeping our immune system strong, and maintaining stable mental health.

Luckily, there is one fantastic vitamin that helps with all three, and that is vitamin D. You typically should be getting 600 IUs (units) per day or 800 IUs if you’re over 70 years old. The best source of the coveted vitamin is sunlight (but you still have to be careful about how much exposure to sunlight you get.)

So instead of sunlight, there are five foods that are rich in vitamin D that you should be adding to your diet if not already:

1. Milk

Not surprisingly, milk is an excellent source of vitamin D with an 8-ounce glass containing 100 IUs


Photo source: Wikimedia commons

2. Canned Tuna

This might be surprising, but canned tuna is also rich in the vitamin. 4 ounces of canned tuna = 150 IUs

3. Fatty Fish

And even more fish! 3-ounce sockeye salmon = 450 IUs


Source: Shutterstock/Natalia Klenova

4. Eggs

Though you might know eggs to be rich in protein and omega 3s, they’re also a good source of vitamin D with 1 egg yolk containing 40 IUs

The Best Foods for Relieving Stress-2.Eggs

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5.  Mushrooms Grown in UV Light

This is a bit of a shock – but mushrooms grown in UV light are also an amazing source of vitamin D. One 3-once serving of Portobellos grown in UV light contains a whopping 400 IUs!


o there you go. Get eating these five vitamin D-rich foods now!