Your Guide To 15 Of The World’s Craziest Beaches

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Source: Shutterstock/Gigi Peis

15. Giant’s Causeway – Northern Ireland

Another incredible beach, another story about giants (is anyone else starting to wish these crafty dudes were still around?), but this one is extra cool. Irish legend tells of a famed warrior name Finn McCool who got in a shouting match with a neighboring Scottish giant.

The argument went back and forth, back and forth, and as the bickering intensified the lads began building steps in the water in order to reach each other and settle the argument once and for all. Just who won the fight and what happened after is up for debate – especially if you head across the water to Scotland, which boasts similar formations leading up to the shore – but there is little dispute as to the stunning beauty of the formations themselves. Thousands of hexagonal basalt columns just out of the water, creating a staircase of volcanic rock that never ceases to stun.