Why Everyone Should Try Traveling Solo

Why Everyone Should Try Travelling Solo - intro

Traveling is something that many people do, and more people dream of. Traveling is an amazing experience no matter who you’re with: your best friend, boyfriend, family or work colleagues; but traveling solo can open your mind to things you only imagined possible.

Whether you’re shy or outgoing, single or in a relationship, well-traveled or a first-timer, here are a few reasons why you should set sail on your own.

1. You’ll Feel Empowered

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For some people, going out for a meal or to see a film on your own is really scary. But once you’ve done it, you get this strange feeling of accomplishment. Along with that feeling is a sense that you’ve tackled your fears and can do anything. Imagine how great that feeling must be after doing an entire trip alone?! You’ll feel like a superhero and realize that it’s easy to tackle other fears in your everyday lives.

2. You’ll Meet Amazing People

There’s no doubt you’ll meet people along your journey whether you’re alone or in a group, but traveling solo forces you to branch out of your comfort zone and socialize a little bit more. If you’re with friends, you may get stuck in that comfortable feeling of being surrounded by people you know and trust. On your own, you’ll be easier for other travelers to approach, and anyone who’s been here before knows that while you may be on your own, you’re never lonely. Soon you’ll have met people from all over the world with similar routes, and have new traveling buddies to share in your experiences.

3. You Can Be Whoever You Want To Be

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Did you have a tough year where you lost your job or were feeling down? Maybe you broke up with your partner and just want to forget all about it. Traveling alone means you can leave all those things behind and create a new you. Explore yourself, your personality traits that you may have kept hidden back home and challenge things you never knew you had inside you. Take the time to get to know who you really are, and allow that person to come out.

4. The Chance to Fall in Love

If you’ve embarked on a solo journey as a single guy or gal, now is your chance to meet people from all walks of life, and maybe – just maybe – meet your soul mate. It’s hard not to sound cheesy, but as someone who met my partner on the road, I can safely say that while traveling you’re likely to meet people who are just like you. You’ll share similar goals and life aspirations, not to mention getting to experience amazing things together early on in your relationship. Plus, because you’re by yourself, you can decide to stay a week or two (or twenty) longer in the place that he/she is, or even start planning the rest of your journey together.

5. Complete and Utter Freedom

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There’s no going back and forth about which restaurant to eat at or which country is next on your list. If you arrive in a new city and hate it – you leave. The stress of trying to plan an itinerary with another person is gone and you simply see what you want to see, and skip what you don’t. There’s no having to explain yourself to anyone, and no one to disappoint. The sense of freedom is almost overwhelming – in the best way possible.

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