Travel Hacks You Need to Live By

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For those of us who like to live on the open road, sail off into the sun on a cruise ship or jet across the globe first class: packing is typically a hindrance. Luckily for us, the brains at have put together a handy little video of life hacks that all travelers should live by.

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It may be using the tried and tested roll method over the dated fold method (who folds their clothes anymore?!), or concealing money and valuables in lip balm containers. Whatever the outcome, this video will trigger that memory in the back of your subconscious, that old tip your second cousin told you two years ago, or it may just give you some clever new ideas.

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Bought a nice bottle of wine on holiday but not sure how to get it home in your suitcase safely? There’s a hack for that. Necklaces getting tangled together inside of your bag? There’s a hack for that too.

Watch the video and prepare to be inspired!