Top 15 Fascinating Museums Every Travel Buff Should Explore

The renowned art and history museums of the world have much to offer and an afternoon spent strolling the refined halls of the Louvre or Guggenheim is all well and good, but sometimes we world-weary travelers are in the mood for something a little…different. Far from the run-of-the-mill attractions typically contained in guidebooks or plastered all over airport and hotel brochures, these unique and quirky places turn the wacky and weird into captivating exhibits that are sure to draw attention, like it or not.


Source: Shutterstock/Ditty_about_summer

You may think you’re sophisticated and you may pride yourself on having great taste, but there is no escaping the unbelievable draw of the creepy and curious. Set aside your fears, calm your apprehensions, and ditch your expectations, because you’ve never seen anything like this before. Here, for your gasping, jaw-dropping, totally blog-worthy pleasure, are 15 incredible, outrageous, strange, sometimes gross and above all almost always thoroughly fascinating museums every travel buff should check out at least once.

Source: Shutterstock/ Ovidiu Hrubaru / Ovidiu Hrubaru /

Source: Shutterstock/ Ovidiu Hrubaru