Three Futuristic Wilderness Hideouts You Need To Check Out

Three Futuristic Wilderness Hideouts - intro

You’re looking to get off the beaten path and submerse yourself in the great outdoors. You’re a true wilderness lover, and are hoping to try something a little bit different from the typical long-weekend campout. While enjoying being one with nature, you still crave the finer things in life. If you found yourself nodding along in agreement with these statements, keep reading.

Below are three escape pods that allow you to truly connect with the uncultivated world, while still living large.

1)      Kaksaluttanen Artic Resort – Finland

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Stay in your very own heated glass igloo, while gazing at the colors of the Aurora Borealis above. They have a great range of safaris for those more adventurous; from reindeer to ice fishing.

2)      Astronomico Elqui Domos – Chile

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Shack up in an observatory cabin or geodesic dome burrowed between the Andes Mountains and the Chilean coast. Each dome has a detachable roof to enjoy ample star-gazing.

3)      “The Truffle” – Spain

Three Futuristic Wilderness Hideouts - The Truffle - 3

“The Truffle” was built with a mixture of earth and concrete, and blends into its surroundings to look like part of the territory. Essentially, you’ll be living in a cave-like structure, with large glass windows overlooking the crashing ocean waves.

3 Futuristic Wilderness Hideouts

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