16 Of The Most Colorful Places In The World

8. Red Sea Beach, China

The reason behind the name of this beach is obvious. That flaming red comes from a unique type of seaweed that flourishes in the saline-alkali soil found in this wetland.

7. Fly Ranch Geyser, Nevada

The Most Colorful Places in the World

This geothermal geyser is located near Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. Water is constantly released from the mouth of the geyser, and its brilliant colors are due to thermophilic algae.

6. Lake Hillier, Australia

The Most Colorful Places in the World

No one is able to explain for sure why this lake looks like a giant piece of bubble-gum. The mystery of it all makes it an even more exciting destination to investigate.

5. Provence, France

The Most Colorful Places in the World

Rows upon rows upon rows. The lavender fields in Provence are endless. Not only are they beautiful, but the fragrance must be dizzying (in a good way).

4. Hitsujiyama Park, Japan

The Most Colorful Places in the World

Residents of Chichibu, Japan must have a stunning view, as this park overlooks the entire city. Located at the base of Mount Fuji, this park sees around 400,000 moss phloxes (a type of wildflower) bloom at the beginning of summer. Add about 1000 cherry trees and tell me that’s not one of the most awe-inspiring landscapes you’ve ever seen.

3. Valley of Flowers National Park, India

The Most Colorful Places in the World

High up in the Western Himalayas, lies open meadows of alpine flowers sharply contrasting against the rugged wilderness of the back-dropping mountains.

2. Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park, China

The Most Colorful Places in the World

Also known as “the eye candy of Zhangye”, these rocky mountain outcrops are often compared to painting on a canvas. The color comes from the numerous layers of exposed sandstone and mineral deposits being laid down over time.

1. Dallol, Ethiopia

The Most Colorful Places in the World

Now a ghost town, Dallol still holds the record for having the highest average annual temperature ever recorded. That’s hot! The heat in this region doesn’t just come from the sun; the area is volcanically active so we can thank its hydrothermal deposits for the beautiful scenery.

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