The 15 Best Places To Travel In 2015

It’s a new year, a new you, and you need a whole new travel bucket list, or else, why is life even worth living? Listen up, travel buffs: we know the value of trekking to the far corners of our glorious globe, and with so much noise mucking up the planning process it’s often hard to pinpoint where exactly you should head. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of doing the hard work for you. Here are 15 of the very best places you need visit in 2015.

1. Palermo, Italy


Italy is not exactly a destination on the down low, but for some reason Sicily still gets skipped on the average tourists jaunt around the big boot. Bad for them, great for you, because less people means more space as you explore the seaside villages and treat yourself to local cuisine far different from anything else you’d find anywhere around Italy. Palermo in particular is a lovely spot, full of independent hotels run by hospitable locals bent on showing you just what they love about their homeland. Sip wine laced with the zesty minerality that comes from growing to fruition in volcanic soil, eat fresh caught seafood simply treated with salt, pepper, and herbs, and enjoy the work of artists that have the unique distinction of being thoroughly appreciated in their own time.

2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Between this year’s World Cup and preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games, Brazil has a lot to be excited about, and all that energy has trickled down to the local neighborhoods. Brazil has also been a place rich in culture, but now artistry and innovation is taking more organized shape, much to the delight of intrepid tourists willing to go a bit off the beaten path. A country on the incline is always an interesting place, and Brazil is no exception. From the food to the music to the samba clubs, there’s a drive that can’t be contained, and the sooner you head to Rio, the sooner you can be a part of it.

3. Kerala, India


We know that budget is always a consideration when travel planning, which is why we’re delighted to tell you that the rupee has fallen in value, meaning your dollar will go further as you explore one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You could arguably anchor your trip almost anywhere in India, but Kerala is something special. Located in Southern India on the edge of the Arabian Sea, Kerala is a coastal utopia complete with lush vegetation that spills onto the soft, sandy beaches. When you’ve had your fill of the sun, you can explore the numerous nearby Hindu temples, churches, and synagogues – yes, synagogues! – sample the world-class ayurvedic spas, visit the spice farms in Malabar, or just eat some of the most fragrant dishes you’ll ever have the privilege of tasting.