The 10 U.S. Cities with the Hottest Guys You and Your Girlfriends Have to Visit!!

6. Aspen, CO

When you think about cities with super-hot guys, Aspen, CO might not be the first place to come to mind, but hear us out. Aspen is a popular destination for ski enthusiasts, and few things get your adrenalin pumping like racing down a snowy hill at a couple hundred miles per hour (we’re estimating) with a couple of waxed up strips strapped to your fit.

For anyone who finds adventure as intoxicating as we do, each run down the slope is like an aphrodisiac disguised as exercise. Ski lodges are just filled with smiling guys full of endorphins and looking for ways to warm up. Arm yourself with a parka and a cup of hot cocoa, and get to work.

5. Honolulu, HI

Honolulu, Hawaii is known as a place full of natural beauty, and while we love us some palm trees and hot, sandy beaches, we also love the natural beauty that is a super-fit guy. Surfing is like the state sport in Hawaii, and all that time spent taming the waves results in some pretty powerful physiques and the kind of gleaming tan we just want to reach out and touch.

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Movie: Flirting with Forty Copyright: PeaceOut Productions, 2008

Best of all, the lifestyle is really laid back here, making it the perfect spot for you and the girls to relax and enjoy the ‘nani’ beaches and make a few hoalohas. Go, my lovelies, and be hau’oli.

4. San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, TX is not only the seventh most populous city in the United States, which translates into a whole lot of dudes, it’s home to the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, the largest rodeo in the entire country.For those of us gals who get weak-kneed at the mere thought of a guy in a ten-gallon hat and spurs, this city is a veritable hotbed of countrified cuties.

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Movie: Urban Cowboy Distributed by: Paramount Pictures, 1980

Even if denim and dimples isn’t your thing, we can almost guarantee that once the rope-callused hands grab ahold of yours and the Southern charm begins to sink in, you’ll see exactly where we’re coming from.

3. Nashville, TN

Know what makes a hot guy hotter? A guitar. It’s a proven scientific fact (okay, maybe not, but in a survey of our closest girlfriends 9 out of 10 swears this is true) that any guy strumming a six string is automatically crush worthy.

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For that very reason, the country music capital of the world, Nashville, TN, is one great place to meet the crooner of your dreams. It also gets pretty hot there in the summer. Know what’s hotter than a hot guy with a guitar? One without his shirt on. Just saying.

2. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Ladies, if we’re really truly honest with each other, we can all admit that something about a guy’s accent turns our super smart brains into complete and utter jelly. San Juan, Puerto Rico may be the 46th-largest city under the jurisdiction of the United States, but the local men are hot in that fiery latino way that makes it a little hard to catch your breath.

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Movie: La virgen de la calle Copyright: RTI Televisión, 2013

Head south and enjoy beautiful beaches, the wild crazy nightlife, and tanned, fit guys can roll their “r’s” faster than you can say “si, senor.”

1. Las Vegas, NV

Any city with permanent shows like The Thunder From Down Under and Chippendales selling out seats on a regular basis, has to have some pretty hot dudes, but the truth about Sin City is that there are hot guys at almost every club, bar, restaurant, casino, pool, grocery store, Laundromat, and car wash.

Much of the national attention (and the casino’s advertising budget) is spent on showcasing the ladies, but the guy quotient is seriously worth a mention. You might not find the love of your life at the blackjack table, but if you want to flee somewhere fun for a weekend and have stories you wouldn’t dare tell the grandkids, this is the spot for you.