The 10 Best Places In America to Visit if You Love Beer

Doyle’s Cafe – Boston, MA

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You can’t talk about beer in Boston without thinking of Irish pubs and Sam Adams, and Doyle’s Cafe is the a homey neighborhood joint with connections to all of the above. Centered in a Boston neighborhood called Jamaica Plain, this cozy Irish pub serves up plenty of tradition via perfectly poured pints of Guinness and a rotating slate of Irish musicians, but for many the real attraction is the bar’s affiliation with one of the city’s most famous beers. Doyle’s was the first place to serve Sam Adams, and it runs a shuttle bus from the front door to the Sam Adams brewery, which is conveniently located right down the street. You can also find special Sam Adams brews at Doyle’s that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world, making it well worth the detour, whether you’re Irish or not.

Hamilton’s Tavern – San Diego, CA

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The 1521 30th Street address currently home to Hamilton’s Tavern holds the oldest beer and wine license in the city of San Diego, and while there have been numerous names over the door over the last seven or so decades, the current incarnation has a lot to offer. The best bars offer a lot of atmosphere, and Hamilton’s comes in the form of Herman Hamilton himself, the bar’s namesake and a former Marine. Hamilton may be a teetotaler, but he still tells the best stories you’ll ever hear, sober or not. This place has all the feel of your neighborhood local, but the impressive selection of local artisan brews and unique imports, available in both bottle and draft form, elevates this spot to something far more than just a corner dive.

Cambridge Brewing Company – Cambridge, MA

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Since 1989, the powers that be at Cambridge Brewing Company have been tickling their patrons palates with intriguing creations that honor the history of craft beer while still pushing the envelope in terms of both technique and flavor. They were the first brewery in America to produce Belgian-style beer, and their barrel-aging system infuses their brews with the rich, deep flavors and aromas normally reserved for wine. Their beer brewing philosophy is a twist on the farm-to-table fad so popular in the food industry, and, believe it or not, their specialty brews come flavored with local micro flora sourced from the local bogs.

Spuyten Duyvil – Brooklyn, NY

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The equivalent of a quaint curio shop for the curious and not-so-easily satisfied beer lover, Brooklyn’s Sputyen Duyvil specializes in the kind of rare and unique beers you just can’t find anywhere else. It’s a mecca for beer geeks who wouldn’t be caught dead drinking a six pack from the grocery store, but the intriguing collection of largely unfamiliar labels is a must-try for absolutely anyone with a penchant for new things. Settle in and hope from country to country as you sip selections from regions as far flung as Japan, Belgium, and Finland, and if things get a little overwhelming, soak up the excess with simple yet satisfying snacks like spiced olives and meat and cheese plates.

The Mahogany Bar – Hattiesburg, MS

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The staff at the Mahogany Bar takes their craft very seriously. How do we know? This is no temporary position filled by bored college kids who’d rather be sipping on a wine cooler back on campus; every man and woman behind the bar is a certified cicerone, meaning they know anything and everything there is to know about beer, and they passed an intensive course to prove it. This is an even bigger deal once you sit down and realize you have about 180 beers to navigate before you can actually get down to the business of drinking. Let the experts guide you, then gawk as they give you an extra dose of hoppy goodness via French press. We’re not even kidding.

Bulldog Pub – New Orleans, LA

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There are two Bulldog Pubs in New Orleans, and with similar stocks of 50 draft beers and more than 100 bottle selections at each bar, both hold equal potential for a very delicious afternoon. They also take their service pretty seriously, washing their pint glasses in a $5,000 dishwasher with special detergent, and pumping their kegs with a combination of nitrogen and CO2 that keeps flavor-sapping air away from the beer until it hits the customer’s glass. Bulldog is also dog friendly for those who want to kick back with their four-legged friend for company, and their Yappy Hour, held on the third Thursday of every month, raises money to support local animal charities. Delicious beer and a good cause? Sounds like a pretty great bar to us.