7 Reasons Why Beach Vacations Are Good For You

7 Reasons Why Beach Vacations Are Good For You - That Ugly Cubicle Can Actually Kill You -6

We know how you feel, sitting in your cramped office, half asleep because your kids kept you up all night and you forgot to buy the coffee you need to even begin to appear awake enough to function. Life is a rat race, and few of us have the energy to keep justifying why we really need that long dreamed about exotic getaway. Luckily, we’ve already come up with 7 reasons why that beach vacation is actually quite good for you. Feel free to cut, paste, print, and hand it in to your boss. You’re welcome.

7. The Sun is Medically Necessary

7 Reasons Why Beach Vacations Are Good For You - The Sun is Medically Necessary -1

Your body needs vitamin D in order to do super important things like absorb calcium and promote bone growth, and scientists think it may play an important role in preventing a wide range of other health issues including breast cancer, depression, weight gain, heart disease, and even autism and diabetes. Where does vitamin D come from? The sun. Ergo, a trip to the beach to soak up some rays is practically doctor-prescribed travel, and unless your boss wants you all rickety and weak boned, it’s probably best to just let you go and compliment you on your sweet tan when you get back.

6. It’s Cheaper Than Plastic Surgery

7 Reasons Why Beach Vacations Are Good For You - It's Cheaper Than Plastic Surgery-2

We’re not suggesting that you’re about to go Mickey Rourke on your poor unsuspecting face, but it’s only human to think about getting older, and to have some unkind thoughts about the plethora of wrinkles that seem to appear with each passing year. Step away from the Botox and listen up – we have good news! Salty ocean water is jam packed with minerals that actually help preserve your skin’s elasticity, meaning less sagging and more of that supple quality you previously thought was only available through some pact with the devil or pharmaceutical intervention (hmm… same difference?).

5. You Really, Really Need to Disconnect

7 Reasons Why Beach Vacations Are Good For You - You Really, Really Need to Disconnect -3

Ping. Ping Ping. PingPingPingPingPingPingPing. That’s the super annoying sound of your life slipping away one electronic notification at a time. Between phone calls, texts, e-mail notifications, and the hundred thousand dings a day that signify each and every Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram thumbs up, like, kudos, comment, and other soul-warming feedback we as human beings have come to crave, we rarely every have a true moment of silence anymore. Though some beaches are actually beginning to offer WiFi (we shudder), most are still blissfully technology free, and even if you can still get four full bars, laying on a blanket staring at the sea is the perfect time to put away the crackberry and. just. breathe.