6 Reasons a Cruise is the Perfect Family Vacay

Planning a family vacation can be a lot more stress than it’s worth. There are so many places you can visit but everyone has different preferences on where to go and what to do! So, how do you please everyone? Take a cruise. You get all the comfort of a hotel, and you get to see so many different places! If you need more convincing, check out these 7 reasons you should take the plunge and bring your family on a cruise.

1. Value

Most cruise ships offer all-inclusive packages – that means travel, accommodation, food, and entertainment are all wrapped up under one price tag. There is no way you can compete with value like this if you were to separately book hotels, make dinner reservations, and buy tickets to shows!

2. Convenience

You get to visit multiple destinations but only have to unpack once. If this doesn’t sound like convenience, I’m not sure what does. When you don’t have to change rooms you can rest assured that you won’t misplace or forget any of your belongings and you can just enjoy your vacation!

3. Everyone is Catered to!

Whether you have food allergies, or are just picky, whether you like to watch movies, read in peace, swim, or hang out at the spa, there is something for you on board a cruise ship. If you have young kids, or moody teenagers, cruise ships cater to them all! And you can leave the kids run about by themselves and enjoy all the amenities your chosen cruise ship has to offer!

4. Navigation Won’t be an Issue

So if your family is anything like mine, being trapped in a car, or studying a map of a city leads to fight after fight after fight. So, rather than dealing with navigation issues that are bound to arise, let the captain take responsibility! Even when you dock at your destinations, you are pretty close to the main city thoroughfare, and if not, most cruise ships offer complimentary shuttle buses to and from the dock!

5. Your Kids Get to Experience Travel Culture

Your kids have an incredible opportunity to see so many places over the course of one trip, and you know they’re safe with you! So while you get all the benefits such as meeting people from all over the world, you don’t have to worry about language barriers, or about anyone getting lost! You get to experience so many different cultures without even leaving the comfort of the ship if you don’t want to!

6. Foooooood

Ok, there’s no pretending that one of the best things about travelling is the food. Just me?! Let’s be real here, we’re all foodies on the inside! Not only will you get to make the most of the included food on board (which by the way is incredible), you get to try food in all of the places you travel to! Most cruise ships offer specialty restaurants as well as the inclusive dining hall so even if you feel like treating yourself to something a bit fancier (you are on vacay!) your cravings will be catered to!

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Sourced from: sheknows.com