6 Beach Hacks For Your Spring Break!

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A bit of time at the beach is most people’s idea of paradise! And it generally is, until you find sand in places you didn’t know it could get, and your hair is so windswept you look like a different person. Well we’ve got some great tips for you here to help make your paradise a reality! You won’t be running back to the hotel pool 10 minutes in if you follow these hacks!

– Put your phone in a plastic bag!

Pop your cell phone into a freezer or sandwich bag and seal it in. It helps to keep sand and water away, and you can still use it! Just keep it out of direct sunlight or it may overheat!

– Store your valuables in normal containers!

If you have cash on you and you want to take a dip but there’s no one left to mind your things, what do you do? Well, roll up your cash and keep it somewhere like rolled into a sanitary towel, or an empty pain killer tube!


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– Use baby powder to remove sand!

It’s great when you’re sitting there in the heat of the sun, but once it’s time to leave, that sand stuck between your toes can be a right pain! To get rid of it, without trying to awkwardly shower and not put your foot back in the sand, sprinkle some baby powder on your feet. It’ll brush right off, and you’ll smell great!

– Bring baby wipes!

After a long day at the beach, you’re covered in salt water, sunscreen, and probably a lot of other things you don’t want to think about! if you carry some baby wipes with you, you can feel refreshed in minutes!

– Stay hydrated!

It seems like an obvious thing to say, but by bringing water with you and drinking some regularly, you can help your body stay hydrated. The more you lie in the sun, the less moisture left in your skin so you need to replace it! Freeze a bottle overnight and bring it with you so it stays cold for longer!

– Bring snacks

Restaurants and cafes around beaches tend to overcharge so if you don’t want to go spending a fortune, bring some snacks with you! Get a cooler bag in the supermarket and pop your snacks and some extra water in and you won’t even have to leave your towel to fill up!