3 Places You Can Visit By Yourself!


Source: theguardian

The thought of travelling by yourself is something you may not be too keen on but think about the benefits; you can do and see what you like, when you like, you don’t need to fit anyone else’s schedule, and you open yourself up to the possibility of meeting new people! The initial thinking may be to avoid travelling by yourself at all costs, but it can be liberating and more fun than if you were to go with someone! If you’re thinking of some solo travel, take a look at these 3 destinations, which are ideal for travelling around by yourself!

1. Edinburgh, Scotland

A city that is prone to rain yes, but even more prone to beautiful views, great people and countless amazing things to see! Depending on your budget, there are some gorgeous hotels and some ideally located hostels scattered around the city. You can spend days on the Royal Mile, checking out Edinburgh Castle, the historical pubs, some of which have been in business for longer than the US, and the quirky museums such as the Childhood Museum or the World of Illusions. You can try some traditional Scottish food, and if it’s a clear day, a hike up Arthur’s Seat – which isn’t too strenuous and boasts amazing views of the city!


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2. San Juan, Puerto Rico

You don’t even need a passport to get to Puerto Rico so it’s pretty much ideal if you’re looking for a quick getaway. There are several all-inclusive resorts scattered along the coast line and they’re super close to the airport too. Eat with the locals, enjoying the traditional Mofongo dish and take a trip to Old San Juan to see the ruins, and hear some live traditional music! There are acres of rain forests which offer breathtaking hikes, and some even offer a zip-line experience! It’s the perfect place to relax, the Caribbean feel and the relaxed atmospheres are like something you’ll never have found anywhere. It’s the perfect place to unwind!

3. Lisbon, Portugal

Another location perched on the side of the coast, this city has all the amenities you’d ever need while emanating a small town feel that’s hard to beat. There are several historical sites scattered over the city and because you can walk pretty much everywhere, you can find a constant view of the ocean! While English is not the locals’ first language, they are super friendly and more than willing to help you out in any way. Another perk to Portugal, is that it’s super cheap. So even though you have to convert to euro, the cost of living is still pretty low!

So there you have it, 3 perfect places for you to explore and discover in your own time and at your own ease. If none of these take your fancy, why not try somewhere closer to home? You won’t regret it!