23 Of The WORST Hotel Nightmares. Beware, They’re REALLY Gross!

We’ve all been there. At least once in our lives, it seems inevitable that we be subject to staying in vacation accommodation that isn’t quite as advertised. Some call it character building, some call it traumatizing. The stories included in this article definitely form part of the latter, and you’ll probably thank your lucky stars that you’ve never had to stay in places like these! Now you best get to praying that you never will.

Photo by darkday/CC by

Photo by darkday/CC by

That is, unless you’ve already stayed in horrible hotels and lived to tell horrifying tales of disintegrating cockroaches, dressers with dirty diapers or places with falling plaster and graffiti all over the walls. Not to mention the amount of poop unsuspecting holidaymakers have found in the strangest places. In which case, my deepest condolences and I’m so glad you made it out alive.

hotel-nightmares-intro-gifGiphy/Movie: Grand Budapest Hotel Copyright: American Empirical Pictures, Fox Searchlight Pictures, 2014

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