20 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Cliffside Beaches

3. McWay Cove, California

Located in California’s scenic Big Sur parkway, McWay Cove is a breathtaking and highly secretive cliffside beach. While the sand can only be visited by way of kayaking, and climbing down the cliff is strictly forbidden, you can stand atop the cliffside and get a spectacular view of the ocean and rocky beach below. Even with more accessible beaches just moment’s away, McWay Cove is a spectacular view that won’t be forgotten!

20 stunning cliffside beaches

4. Maya Bay, Thailand

Located in southern Thailand, Maya Bay is a staggering collection of six islands forming an archipelago around a small, sandy paradise. Limestone cliffs complete with green shrubbery tower above the warm sand below. Whether you want to take a picture from the cliffside or simply relax on the sand, Maya Bay provides a day’s worth of enjoyment and relaxation!

20 stunning cliffside beaches

5. Tulum, Mexico

With a captivating view of the Caribbean Sea, this ancient Mayan-fortress provides a unique cliffside experience! The cliff itself is rather small; however, resting on top is a Mayan-era fortress that is wonderfully preserved. Below, you can sunbathe and swim to your heart’s content, and you can also wander around the fortress to find the perfect photo opportunity!

20 stunning cliffside beaches