15 of the Most Surreal Places You NEED to Visit In America

We’re all about world travel, but sometimes in our fervor to check out the hottest spots in Europe or gawk at natural wonders in the far reaches of the globe, we forget about the jaw-dropping sights nestled in our very own backyards. Traipsing through the Ring of Kerry or surveying the night sky from the ever-shifting landscape of the Namib San Sea are experiences everyone should have on their bucket list, but what about the natural wonders a bit closer to home?

People tend to forget that the United States is a sprawling behemoth with tons of microclimates, geysers, mountains, canyons and other breathtaking bits of landscape that will leave you slack jawed and reaching for your selfie stick to get that next great profile pic. Save yourself dough and don’t worry your little head about international travel alerts – your next once-in-a-lifetime sightseeing trip doesn’t even require a passport, and you sure as heck won’t need any shots.

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Check out our list of the 15 surreal places you need to take a trip to, each one accessible without ever leaving the good old U.S. of A.