15 Of The Best Places To Interact With Wildlife In North America

North America is still a relatively unpopulated continent with many opportunities not only to experience wildlife from a distance but also to have up close and personal encounters with creatures like wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, sea otters and whales. With a little luck, you stand a good chance of seeing wildlife in each of the following locations, with the added bonus that these are some of the most gorgeous settings imaginable.

Gaspe Peninsula Provincial Park

Best Places to Interact with Wildlife

The park in the Chic-Choc mountains of Quebec hosts all that remains of a once thriving population of native caribou that roamed across Eastern Canada. I saw both moose and caribou here — the moose was standing right in the middle of the road on the morning we left, looking at us stubbornly.

Parque Natural de Ballena Gris

Best Places to Interact with Wildlife

About halfway down the coast of Baja California, there are several lagoons that gray whales use as a nursery to raise their calves. From January to March, you can see these whales at Scammon’s Lagoon –if you camp there at night, they come close to shore, and you can actually hear them. When I was there 20 years ago, a fisherman took people out on a rowboat, and we got close enough to touch these curious animals, who brought their babies up to take a look.

Sage Creek Wilderness Area