15 Countries and Their Most Palate-Pleasing Cocktails

1. The Negroni – Italy

Italy may be known as wine country but pouring a big glass of Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, or Chianti with dinner is only part of the country’s boozy agenda. Long before the locals sit down to their pasta- and seafood-laden tables, they whet their appetites with a delicious aperitif called a Negroni. Centered around a intriguingly bitter orange and herb-infused liqueur called Campari, this cocktail is rounded out with gin and Italian vermouth for a drink that will have you coming back for more long after the sun has set over the vineyard-strewn hills.

Travelling Tipsy


The result of this simple yet beguiling combination is a balanced beverage that perks up your palate in preparation of the food to come without overpowering your senses. While the Negroni is a traditionally a pre-dinner drink in the Old World, it’s sophisticated and versatile enough to serve as the main attraction at more formal occasions like a wedding, anniversary party, or, you know, just because.

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