15 Countries and Their Most Palate-Pleasing Cocktails

Travel is all about exploring new things, stretching boundaries, and leaving behind your comfort zone in favor of the adventure of a life time. For most people that means a trip down the Venetian canals, time spent hiking the Appalachian Trail, soaking up the history in central Europe, or simply hopping a flight and becoming one with the sun-drenched beaches of someplace exotic like Bora Bora, but for many thirsty backpackers and culinary enthusiasts, seeing the world is also a fantastic opportunity to treat their palates to something cool, wet, and thirst-quenchingly delicious.

Travelling Tipsy

Source:Depositphotos.com/ Ljupco Smokovski

Whether you’re already packing a plane ticket or stuck at home on the couch daydreaming the day away, a taste of someplace amazing is only a few ingredients away. From shaken to stirred to all kinds of blended concoctions in between, every destination has its own flavor that locals are usually more than happy to serve up to eager guests. Invite over some friends, whip up these 15 incredible cocktails, and take a trip around the globe one lip-smacking sip at a time.

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