12 Best Cities to Live in the United States Right Now

Three constants always remain integral to where we choose to live: safety, peace, and affordability. These three pillars often determine the livability of any city in the United States. Incidentally, there is a report that is released by Livability–a major marketing company–every year that paints a very clear picture of some of the most affordable, attractive, progressive, and safe cities in the country. This year, Livability ranked 2000 metropolises with populations over 20,000 and under 350,000 and narrowed the massive list down to a 100 for the third time.

They aggregated all their data based on eight primary categories, which are demographics, economy, education, housing, healthcare, social and civil capital, amenities, and transportation. So, as you are plotting your next move, here are the top 12 of those 100 cities, all of which are bursting with strong economies, great employers, well-established major universities, exciting downtowns, superb outdoors and recreational activities, fine dining, unique cultural experiences, and of course, shopping.