11 Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easier When Flying!

Booked your flight and packed your bags? Double checked and triple checked you’ve packed everything you could possibly need? Here are 11 tips to make your flight a little more bearable, whether it’s a 2 hour flight or a 12 hour one!

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1. Use online check-in

The majority of airlines offer a feature where you can check-in online 24 hours before your scheduled flight. This will save you the hassle of long waits in line, and you can also check in your baggage ahead of time for many airlines. Some airlines also allow you to pick your seat ahead of time, which is super convenient pro tip. (Keep reading and we’ll tell you where the best seats on a plane are!)

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2. Try not to sit in the first few rows of a flight

You’ll notice that on any flight, the majority of children are at the front of the plane. No, we don’t mean unaccompanied minors. We’re talking about the wailing, screaming, crying tiny humans no older than a few months old. Avoid at all costs, and pick/request a seat a little further back… But not so far back that you’re right in front of the washrooms. Generally, sitting by the wing is ideal and apparently the safest seating on a plane.

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3. Download the app

Many airlines offer a free mobile app where you can check in, pick your seat, and even request a boarding pass to be sent to your mobile device! You can have it emailed to you or added to your Passbook. This makes it super easy at the actual airport; simply show them your phone rather than the little paper stub you’ve lost one too many times.

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4. Bring an empty water bottle and fill it up after clearing security

It’s a well known fact that you can’t have liquids at security, so simply bring your own resuable water bottle and fill it up once you’ve been cleared. This should be a travel essential anyway as you need to keep yourself hydrated – especially if you’re headed off to a tropical and sunny vacation spot. As well, we all know how expensive buying things at the airport can be, so save yourself a few dollars!

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5. Bring snacks

Most flights offer meals you can purchase, and the majority of them have free snacks (“salty or sweet?”) on board at set times. But if you’re like the rest of us and airplane meals just don’t cut it, bring your own munchies! Plus, when you have nothing to do on a twelve hour flight and you’ve binge watched enough TV shows, you’re gonna be craving a snack. Bring some of your favorite snacks (chips, gummies, chocolates) in a ziplock bag in your carry on. You’ll thank us later.

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6. Step up your moisturizer routine

A lot of people fail to do this, but it’s really important as flights can significantly dry out your skin. Ensure you’ve packed a tube of lip balm and a travel size moisturiser for the middle of the flight and when you land. You want your skin looking fresh and clear in your vacation photos, right?

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7. Purchase a portable charger

Some airplanes have outlets to charge your device, but others don’t. Prepare for the worst by investing in a portable charger. They’re inexpensive, pretty reliable, and readily available – you can order one online! The portable charger will also save your life when you’re on vacation and on the go all day to see everything the city has to offer, or tanning by the pool and there’s no where nearby to charge your phone…

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8. Bring an extra jacket or sweatshirt

Okay, we’ve made this mistake one too many times. Flights can get chilly, and you can use the spare jacket/sweatshirt as it’s intended purpose or a blanket. Even if you’re going somewhere that’s boasting forty degreees celsius, still bring something warm. Just in case.

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9. Neck pillows

There are two awful things that can happen when on a long trip, and they both involve falling asleep. First, you fall asleep with your head drooping onto the shoulder of the random stranger next to you (don’t be that guy). Second, waking up with the worst imaginable neck cramp. Travel neck pillows are a must for long flights. They’ll keep your propped upright and avoiding awkward situations after. They’re available pretty much everywhere, and if you’re reading this article a tad too late and you’re already waiting at the airport – the stores in the airports sell them too!

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10. Download a movie or TV series ahead of time

Don’t want to swipe your credit card to watch one of the three movies your flight is offering? The limited TV channels just aren’t cutting it? Nothing passes time faster than some Grey’s Anatomy or Suits. If you can download it onto your laptop or tablet, you’ll be able to kill plenty of time without even realizing it. Make sure you’ve brought headphones too.

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11. Charge your phone on the back of the airport’s TVs if you have a stopover

Because you’re too cool to fight other passengers for outlets.

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