10 Ways To Travel The World Cheaply And Often

5. Cooking Yourself


Along with having homemade meals with locals, you should also cook some meals yourself to save money and make those restaurant visits more special. Just pick up simple items like pasta and eggs from a nearby market and cook in your hostel. It may not be the tastiest or most ethnic food in town, but it will allow you to travel for longer periods of time!

4. Stop and Smell the Roses


Taxis and high-speed rails may be convenient, but they come at a great cost. Instead, take a slower route into town by way of hitchhiking or group shuttle buses. Sure, it will take longer, but you can enjoy the countryside more while also meeting new people. As with everything on this list, it will also allow you to stay abroad longer!

3. Avoid Tourist Traps


You’re walking along an iconic monument, and all around you are merchants selling replicas, postcards, and magnets. While getting your friends and family gifts is nice, you should avoid these tourist trap gifts at all costs! Not only are these gifts overly expensive, they are also of the lowest quality possible. Instead, buy some local chocolate or food to bring back. Find something that locals buy, and not only will it be a more unique and authentic gift, it will be cheaper as well.

2. Remember: You Don’t Have to See Everything


Some museums, parks, and attractions are essential during your trip, but you don’t have to do everything. It’s easy to get caught up in paying for all of the “must see!” attractions, but unless it’s something you really want to do, you are better off saving your money to allow for more time abroad. Choose wisely on your excursions today, and you will have the chance for more excursions tomorrow!

1. Last But Not Least: Enjoy Yourself!


Although these tips have focused on saving money, remember to enjoy yourself and not constantly check your bank account. Of course smart-spending will help you to travel longer, but don’t go through each day starving, avoiding museums, and feeling unpleasant just to add an extra day to your trip. The key is to spend wisely so that you can let loose and have a fantastic dinner, catch a great show, and see all of the museums you’ve been dreaming about. Just remember to cook when you can, look for rooms under budget, and avoid attractions that you aren’t entirely up for. By following these tips, you will have the funds to not only travel for a long time, but to have the best time possible as well! Good luck!

Source: the-open-mind