Top 15 NFL Players Unable to Find a Job

The NFL season is in full swing and fans are probably scratching their heads thinking, “Why isn’t player X out on the field anymore?”

A majority of fans do not follow their teams year round and may have missed out on any team cuts or free agent signings.  New faces pop up on teams every season and old faces disappear just as often.

Source: instagram Source: instagram

As players get cut and signed to new teams, several players are left behind as rookies come in to take their place on the roster.  It can be very surprising to see some players go unsigned as some players posted serviceable stats as recently as last season.  However, NFL front offices are more concerned about what the players can offer the team in the future, than what they have done in the past.

Many of these players have a good chance of being added to NFL rosters at some point in the season due to injuries, but some may have seen their last days on the field.  Just in case your team falls victim to an injury bug this season, here are some names to be aware of, as they are available and waiting for another chance to play.

Source: instagram Source: instagram