Top 15 NFL Games Not to Be Missed This Season

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We are a week into the season and already we’ve seen some great games. How about the Carolina Denver game on Thursday? If the Super Bowl game between those two been that entertaining, people would be asking if it was the best game in NFL History. Denver and Carolina could play every week and fans would never get tired of it.

We also saw a great one between the Green Bay Packers and Jacksonville Jaguars in Florida. With the upstarts coming oh-so-close to pulling the upset, is that a sign that some of the “bad teams” might be pretty good this season? Could be.

Then there was the Oakland Raiders going for two on the road at New Orleans to beat the Saints by one point. That’s a bold move right there, Jack Del Rio!

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The Sunday Night game between the New England Patriots and Arizona Cardinals would make a pretty good Super Bowl, wouldn’t it? That game went right down to the wire with the Pats getting a big win as they wait on Tom Brady’s return.

So what does the rest of the season have in store? Here are 15 games that you should make sure to mark on the calendar. We will rank them from 15 down to number 1.

Some of the games that did not make the cut include some really great ones such as Chiefs at Raiders, Jets at Cardinals, Vikings at Packers, Jets at Dolphins (and vice versa), Redskins at Cowboys (ditto), Giants at Eagles (and Eagles at Giants of course), Patriots at Jets and Jets at Pats, and a bunch of others. But we think these are 15 any football fan will not want to miss.

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