15 of the Worst Teammates in the NFL

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Football is a team sport. But, just like in any work environment, the team is made up of individuals with many different agendas, character flaws, and morals. Some of these guys are really awful people who happened to be very good athletes. The NFL is about winning, so they are willing to take a chance on some bad dudes if it means wining games. Of course, sometimes teams may have had little clue as to what they were getting when the drafted these guys. Many times, large sums of money, accolades, and fame can change a person drastically. Here is a list of 15 of the largest scumbags to play in the NFL.

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Some of the dishonorable mentions that nearly made the list include O. J. Simpson, Johnny Manziel, Charles Haley (who once cut a hole in a teammates car and then pissed in it), Andre Rison, Chad Johnson, Vince Young, Darren Sharper (a graduate of the Bill Cosby School of Dating) and Justin Blackmon. So that should tell you how rotten you had to be to make the top 15.

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