Top 10 Secrets That Your Mom Will Never Tell You So We Will

10. She carried you after even the 9 months

Yes, she literally carried you inside of her for 9 long, grueling months. You’ve heard it all before. But after you were born, she carried you too. You wanted to be physically near her, held by her, carried by her, and of course, she took care of you. She woke up in the middle of night, hearing your cries through the baby monitor to soothe and put you back to sleep.

She carried you even after the 9 months - 2Source:

She couldn’t (or wouldn’t) leave you by yourself for many months after you were born, trying to ensure you didn’t hit your head on the table or get into other mischief. She held you until you dozed off, and sometimes she was so tired, she fell asleep with you.